Auto Clicker - Things You Should Know About Auto Clicker

An auto Clicker is a kind of macro or software which can automatically be used to automate repetitive clicking on a form. They may be automatically triggered to produce recorded input or generated by different current settings. Auto clickers may be as simple as computer-generated mouse clicks. But nowadays, there are many more kinds of free auto clickers available in the market.
These are the following:
Windows auto clicker: This is one of the most popular kinds of clickers available in the market these days. It uses Windows signals to activate and deactivate itself. To achieve this, it monitors windows activity and compares it with a pattern of regular taps.The main window of the program is divided into several windows. Each window displays a different number of buttons which are used to trigger its function. When the user presses any of these buttons, the corresponding program will automatically trigger and produce the required number of clicks. The main window displays all of these buttons as well as their action icons.

Auto Clicker works exactly like this: When you want it to start clicking, just simply activate it; and when you want it to stop, simply deactivate it. There's an important "hotkey" used for activating and deactivating the software, which can be accessed through the menu. The hotkey can either be a number or a string of characters.

The string of characters is used for triggering the corresponding action every time a certain number of clicks are made.
Another type of auto clicker, known as the GSI auto clicker, is an enhanced version of the above mentioned product. Instead of using a hotkey, the user triggers the hotkey by pressing a given hotkey character.

This program also uses its own hotkey to control the Auto Clicker itself.
To use this program, first set up its settings; select the main window, then press the hotkeys for activating or deactivating it. It is important to note that the above mentioned products all share the same basic features; and therefore, if you want one of these products, you can just simply download one of them from the net. However, if you are looking for the best software for controlling Auto Clicker,

you should focus on the following 3 types:
o The free versions are the easiest to use; however, they have the least powerful command-line interface. This is because it does not support any type of graphical interface or plugins. The free version does allow for simple configuration of its various settings; and some of these options include the sensitivity of the mouse, its auto clicker range, the maximum clique depth, and its hotkey.
In addition, the free version allows only one hotkey per computer. If you need more, then you should purchase the full version Auto Clicker.

o The paid version offers advanced features and the most convenient interface. It also comes with many plugins and provides the same control panel as the free version. The most notable difference of the paid software is the number of plug-ins available in the software. Although the software has a lot of features and commands, it is worth noting that its hotkey and auto clicker commands are not as complicated as the ones in the free version of the product.

o The third type, which is the Pro version, has advanced features that the free version does not have. For example, it provides its users with a complete range of hotkeys, commands, and options. Also, the software comes with its own set of visual indicators and hotkeys so you can configure your system the way you want it. Lastly, the Pro version also comes with a series of useful tools that will help you automate clicking, like the ability to change the length of the hotkeys.

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